Also available on Android

You can also use Simple Recipe Collector on your Android devices and sync your recipe collection with your PC. Available on Google Play.

Recipe browser on an Android phone

Recipe browser on an Android phone

Recipe browser on a 10-inch Android tablet.

Recipe browser on a 10-inch Android tablet.

Import recipes from the web

Import recipes from the web

Screenshot: The recipe browser.

Put some order in your recipe collection

  • Quickly find your recipes by searching by ingredients, keywords, folders and labels.
  • Differentiate the recipes you have already tried from those you have yet to discover.
  • List your favourite recipes, add notes, and keep a history of all your accomplishments.
Screenshot: Automatically import recipe from the web.

Import your recipes

  • Import Recipes from the Web Automatically!
    Dozens of websites are currently supported, and an easy to use importation tool allows you to import from any other websites or blogs.
  • Import your recipes from Microsoft Word or Open Document files.
  • Remember where every recipes come from using the link to the source which is automatically preserved.
Screenshot: Cookbooks creation tool

Create cookbooks

  • Choose from different formats and layouts.
  • Create your own chapters, and file in your recipes.
  • Customize each chapter with an introductory page.
  • The table of contents and the index for each chapter are updated automatically.
  • Print all your recipes in a uniform format.
  • Export and share your cookbooks in PDF format.
Plan your menu and groceries

Plan your menu and manage your grocery list

  • Schedule your weekly menu by dragging your recipes onto the calendar.
  • Create your shopping list using the menu planner.
  • Print your shopping list and send it by email or, even better, on your iPhone or Android phone!

And much more!

  • Simple, appealing and easy user interface.
  • Help and support available via email.
  • Frequent updates. The software detects and installs new versions by itself.

User interface screenshot

Search by ingredients, keywords, folders, and tags

User interface screenshot

The recipe browser

Screenshot: recipe form

Recipes are easy to add

Screenshot: grocerylist

Prepare your grocery list

Screenshot: Cookbook with index by chapters

Cookbook with index by chapters

Screenshot: Many cookbook format

Many cookbook formats

Screenshot: Send the grocery list to your smartphone (Android and iPhone)

Send the grocery list to your smartphone (Android and iPhone)

Screenshot: Export cookbooks as PDF files

Export cookbooks as PDF files

VIDEO : Automatic Recipe Importation

You are browsing on a website and you find a recipe that you like and want to keep? Just copy the Internet address of the recipe in the clipboard and Simple Recipe Collector will automatically import it! Dozens of popular cooking sites are currently supported. (Video in French)

VIDEO: Importing a recipe from a website or a word processor document

Despite the fact that Simple Recipe Collector allows you to import automatically from the most popular recipe sites, you will also want to import recipes from your favorite blogs or other cooking sites. The following video shows how to do it. Please note that the Document Import Tool works the same way, the only difference is that you will need to select the Word or Open Document file instead of entering an Internet address. (Video in French)
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