Frequently Asked Questions

  • Buying / Ordering

    I’ve never bought software over the Internet before. How does it work?

    Can I buy the software other than via Internet?

    If I buy the software, can I install it on more than one computer?

    I have bought the PC version of Simple Recipe Collector. Does it include the Android version?

    Will there be an iPad version

    Does the software work on Mac?

    Is the software available on DVD or in a box?

    If I buy the software, will I have to pay for future updates?

    Using Simple Recipe Collector for Windows

    Does the software come with a user manual?

    How do I synchronize my recipes on all my computers and Android devices?

    How do I create a backup.

    How to add recipes to the Planning Calendar

    Can I customize the look of the cookbook pages?

    How to import a recipe from a Website that is not supported by the automatic import Tool. (Video in French)

    How to import a Word or Open Office document containing a recipe

    Folders and Tags? Please explain!

    How do I create groups of ingredients in a recipe (Example: Ingredients for the dough, Ingredients for the topping, etc.) Video in French.