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  • Simple Recipe Collector for Android Updated

    By Robert, September 2013
    Simple Recipe Collector is now compatible with your Android phone! Previously only available for tablets, the app as been redesigned and is now optimized for Android devices of any size. (Android version 4.0+ is required.)
    This update also introduce a "Web Search" section identical to the one that is already available in the PC version, as well as the automated web importation tool.
    The Android app is sold separately from the PC version for 4,95$.
  • New recipe search engine with over half a million recipes from the web

    By Robert, May 2013

    Version 1.8 is now available. What's new?

    A new "Web Search" section
    You can now search recipes from many popular cooking sites. Each of these recipes can be automatically imported and placed in your personal collection. For example, you can search for "Blueberry Muffins" and you will see matching recipes from Epicurious, Food Network, etc.. It is also possible to restrict the search to the websites you like. When you find a recipe you want to keep, simply click Import Recipe to add it to your collection. Also available in the Android app.

    Updated recipe importation tool The tool has been redone for each the supported websites, and now runs on a server. What does that mean for you? That this functionality can now be shared with Simple Recipe Collector for Android, that more sites will be supported, and that the corrections will come more quickly when a website changes.
  • Simple Recipe Collector : now for Android Tablets

    By Robert, January 2013
    If you have an Android device, no need to print your recipes on paper or to have a bulky laptop on the kitchen counter anymore.
    You can now install Simple Recipe Collector on your Android, synchronize with the PC version, and all your recipes will be downloaded.
    Simple Recipe Collector is sold separately from the PC version and is available on Google Play.
    To learn more or to try it freely for 30-day:
  • Importation de fiches de recettes en format Open Document

    Posté le 29 avril 2012 par Robert

    Update 1.7.4 is now available and introduce a frequently requested feature.

    Import from OpenDocument files
    Simple Recipe Collector can now import recipes written in OpenDocument files. This is a standard file format supported by every word processor applications.

    Updated automatic import tool
    • Added Espace-recettes (Thermomix) (2014 note: it has since been removed)
    • Added Kraft Canada
    • Added Chef Simon
    • Updated 750g, Cuisine-Plus.tv
  • Version 1.7 – Synchronize your Recipe Collection on all your PCs!

    By Robert, December 2011

    Here is what's new in the latest update.


    Synchronize your Recipe Collection on all your PCs
    You may now use the synchronization service to keep your recipe collection up to date on all your PCs. Just click on the "Synchronize" button and "voilà". For example, if you have a computer at the office and a laptop in your kitchen, you can enter recipes from your office computer and then consult them on your kitchen laptop.
    2013 Update: The synchronization service now allow you to synchronize your recipes on your Android devices.

    Table of Contents in PDF Cookbooks Cookbooks now contain a real table of contents in PDF format. This greatly facilitates the consultation of a PDF book on a tablet.

    Automatic Recipes Import Tool Update Addition of the ZesteTV.com site as well as Epicurious.com, Bettycrocker.com, Food.com, Foodnetwork.com, and Foodnetwork.ca.
    The automatic import tool has also been updated for all the other sites already supported.

    Other Small Improvements
    • Recipes are now always added to books in alphabetical order.
    • Possibility to print a recipe card in larger print. Printing recipes individually uses the same level of magnification as the recipe card.
    • Various bug fixes were made in indexation, sorting, etc.
  • Version 1.6.1 – Your Shopping List on your Android phone and iPhone

    By Robert, February 2011

    New and noteworthy in 1.6.1.


    Manage your Shopping List on your Smartphone
    You can now transfer your shopping list on your iPhone or your Android phone.
    Visit this page to install the app on your Smartphone. (Update 2013 : A new Android app is now available.)

    Emailing Recipes has been improved Pictures of recipes are now included in emails. In addition, your contacts will automatically be saved so you won’t have to enter their email address each time.

    The Cookbook Creator has been Improved Your personal notes as well as the origin of the recipes are now listed in the cookbooks.

    The recipe view can now be zoomed. A zoom functionality has been added to the recipe Options menu to enlarge the size of the text, if necessary.

  • Version 1.6 : Grocery List Management!

    By Robert, January 2011

    Happy New Year Everyone! Here are the New Features for the First 2011 Update.

    Grocery List
    Many of you asked for it so here it is! (Actually, I too was looking forward to being able to use it ;-) ) As usual, the shopping list was designed to be simple, convenient and quick to use.
    To add items to the list, simply select a recipe and check the ingredients missing to do it. The recipes planned on the menu for the days ahead are easily accessible in the calendar appearing at the bottom of the window. You may also write directly on the list to add items manually.
    Once the list is complete, you can print it or email it, for example: for future reference on your mobile phone.
    Le logiciel permet maintenant de gérer sa liste d'épicerie.

    Emailing Recipes Recipes can now be emailed directly from the software. It is also possible to attach a message to the recipe.

    Le logiciel permet maintenant d'envoyer les recettes par courriel.

    Better Search by Keywords
    • The search now gives better results when you enter multiple keywords.
    • Words with apostrophe were not correctly indexed (à l’orange, l’ail, etc.).
    • Searched keywords are now highlighted during ten seconds in the text of the recipe.

    Le logiciel mets les mots clés recherchés en surbrillance dans la recette.

  • Version 1.5 is available! What's new?

    By Robert, September 2010

    Another update full of new features! Here are the enhancements made to the application.

    Automated Recipe Import If you try to import a recipe from one of the 17 sites currently supported, the process will be completely automated. Here is the list of compatible sites:
    If your favourite site is not listed, email me and I’ll see if I’m able to add it.
    A video, even in French :-), is worth a thousand words:

    Group of ingredients and instructions In the recipe edit form, it is now possible to create group of ingredients and instructions ("For the dough", "For the topping", etc.). The groups title appears in bold.


    An additional and convenient way to create folder It is now possible to create a new folder at the same time as you enter a recipe.


    Copy the recipe in the clipboard A recipe can now be copied in the clipboard. You may then paste it in a Word document, an email, a blog, etc.


  • Version 1.4: Improvements to the Cookbooks Creator

    By Robert, August 2010

    Version 1.4 is now available. Here are the new features!

    Table of content A table of content is now available in the cookbooks and is automatically updated.

    Table des matières automatique dans livres de recettes

    Index by chapters An index of recipes by chapters is automatically added at the end of the books.

    Index par chapitre automatique dans livres de recettes

    Page numbering The bottom of the page now displays the page number as well as the name of the chapter in which the recipe is located.

    Pages numérotées

    New A4 format The software now allows you to create cookbooks in A4 format.

    Livres de recettes en format A4

  • Version 1.3: Planning Calendar, Full Screen Mode, Editable Tags

    By Robert, July 2010

    Planning calendar Addition of a calendar to help you schedule your weekly menu.


    Full Screen View Mode A full-screen view mode has been added to better view the recipes. This is convenient if you bring your laptop in the kitchen to make a recipe. The texts are also larger and easier to read.


    Add your own tags The software includes a catalog of hundreds of tags you can assign to your recipes. You can now modify them, add some more, etc.


  • New: Import Recipes from Microsoft Word Documents!

    By Robert, April 2010

    The 1.1 update is now available.

    It is now possible to import recipes from Word documents. Very useful for those who have a large collection to import! 2014 update: files in Open Document (Open Office) format can also be imported.

  • Simple Recipe Collector is Launched !

    By Robert, February 2010

    Simple Recipe Collector Version 1.0.0 has been released, in French (Le collectionneur de recettes).